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Backed By Real Properties

The BTR Coin is created and issued as a collateralized BTR Coin that’s pegged 1:1 to a physical asset, which is maintained in custody off-chain and can always be borrowed against or sold in place of the BTR Coin (Native Asset)


Private Mortgage Exchange

Greyzdorf BTR is always the buyer and property manager. Thus, the exchange is where sellers can sell their properties to Greyzdorf BTR, Greyzdorf BTR then offers the BTR Coin (private mortgage) to investors and mortgage buyers on our exchange.


Not "Securities" but "Debt"

Though the coins on the exchange are pegged to a real-world asset, we consider them as "debts" and hence the investors are considered as "lenders". These lenders can sell off their debt at a higher value for mortgage buyers on Greyz Exchange.

What is Greyzdorf Mortgage Exchange?

The Greyzdorf BTR mortgage exchange is for BTR builders to sell newly built to rent communities to a qualified buyer – Greyzdorf BTR. The exchange is built on blockchain technology.


Still Confused?

Know in Detail

What is tokenization?

Tokenization is developing a virtual token on a blockchain to represent fractional ownership of a real-world asset. In real estate, that asset could be the property itself, ownership interest in a legal entity that owns the property, debt secured by the property or a right to income from such property.

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Exchanging Mechanism

The exchange will have escrow accounts that always hold 50% USD cash against the properties for liquidity borrowing.The exchange has mortgage buyers that may purchase Coins from any investor that chooses to sell their Coin above the 50% redemption. Investors can sell their tokens for a higher value of 95-100%

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Why Blockchain?

The main advantage of the incorporation of blockchain into the real estate industry is that it makes the process of asset management safe and secure. It makes the process more transparent and decentralized, thus enabling everyone to monitor the operations of the company

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