Features of Greyz Mortgage Exchange


Seamless Exchange Mechanism

Greyz Mortgage Exchange facilitates the exchange of assets to BTR Coin and USD. It helps the investors to sell off their "debt" in the form to tokens to other mortgage buyers. Also, this is the world's first platform to enhance the exchange of one real estate property with another


"Hybrid Exchange"

Greyzdorf Exchange is not "centralized" i.e. it is partially centralized and decentralized to enhance the security of the exchange and its performance. It also improves asset management and makes it more safe and secure through the distributed ledger technology.


Initial Mortgage Offering

The exchange will introduce a new kind of fundraising mechanism called the "initial mortgage offering" where various other real estate properties can be tokenized and raise funds without any serious compliance issues as we are classified as "debts" not "securities"

Greyz Mortgage Exchange


The Greyzdorf BTR LLC Mortgage Exchange is for private mortgage buyers and accredited investors.
The BTR Coin is a stable payment coin created and issued as a collateralized pegged 1:1 to rental communities owned or purchased by Greyzdorf BTR LLC.
For rental community purchasing, the BTR's Coin is backed by an acquisition credit line as qualifying proof of funding.


What makes this BTR exchange different is liquidity.

1. The BTR Coin can be borrowed against instantly.

2. The BTR Coin can be sold on the Greyzdorf Mortgage Exchange.

3. The BTR Coin (BTR) is not a security. It is a DPA or Debt Payable by Asset against specific single-family rental communities in the United States.

4. Each BTR Coin is valued at USD 1 and pays a quarterly dividend.

5. Investors will have an option to sell their Coins for a higher value of 95% – 100% to other buyer’s subject to additional term and conditions on the exchange.